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Terms of Use and Sale

These terms of use and sale as specified herein below apply to using the Internet website operated by Beauty&tech (hereinafter: "Beauty&tech") under the domain name:, including all its parts, areas, or sections of the website and/or of applications and/or designated applications, existing and/or future, the access to which is made through similar addresses or domain names and sub-domain names (hereinafter jointly and severally: the "Website"), and constitute a binding legal agreement between you and Beauty&tech (hereinafter: "Terms of Use and Sale" and/or "These Terms of Use and Sale"). These Terms of Use and Sale have been phrased in the masculine for convenience purposes only, but refer to both men and women.


These Terms of use and sale apply to the use of the Website in any form whatsoever and on any media, existing or future, including computers, smartphones, tablets, etc., and the Terms of Sale specified in These Terms of Use and Sale apply to any purchase of a ticket to any of the events and/or shows appearing on the Website (hereinafter respectively: the "Ticket(s)" and the "Event(s)").


Please read These Terms of Use and Sale carefully prior to registering to the Website and/or prior to Purchasing a Ticket from Beauty&tech. Entering and/or surfing the Website and/or using the Website in any way and for any purpose whatsoever including the content provided in it and/or the services rendered in it and/or Purchasing a ticket from Beauty&tech constitutes your full consent to These Terms of Use and Sale, in their most updated and last version as published on the Website. If you do not agree to all of the Terms of Use and Sale or any part thereof, you may not use the Website and/or Purchase a Ticket from Beauty&tech and you are hereby requested to refrain from doing so.


Beauty&tech reserves the right to update and/or to modify the Terms of Use and Sale from time to time, pursuant to its exclusive discretion, without any prior notice. Therefore, it is your exclusive responsibility to review These Terms of Use and Sale as published on the Website from time to time for any updates. Entering and/or surfing the Website and/or using the Website in any way and for any purpose whatsoever after the Terms of Use and Sale published on the Website were modified constitutes your full consent to such modifications and/or to the new Terms of Use and Sale as published on the Website.


Prior to Purchasing a Ticket for an Event, as defined herein, or receiving any other service from Beauty&tech, you are required to read and understand Beauty&tech Privacy Policy and Beauty&tech Cookies Policy in connection with the use of the Website, which are available for your review at the following link:, and which constitute an integral part of These Terms of Use and Sale.

If you violate These Terms of Use and Sale, Beauty&tech may prevent you from accessing the Website or using it, presently or in the future, and/or take legal action against you.

  1. Restrictions on using the Website and its contents

    1. The Events are owned by Beauty&tech and/or the producers/promoters of the Event (hereinafter: the "Event Producers"). Purchasing a Ticket is a result of exclusive contractual relations between the user of the Website (hereinafter: the "User") and the Event Producers, pertaining to each Event. The Website is only used as a platform for selling Tickets. Accordingly, the publications made on the Website in connection with the Event are made on behalf of the Event Producers. 

    2. The provisions of These Terms of Use and Sale and/or any other provisions appearing on the Website may not be deemed to confer and/or transfer any right whatsoever, including intellectual property rights of any kind. You agree not to violate any of the rights specified herein above.

  2. Purchases

    1. A Purchase may be executed through the Internet Website, and such Purchase will be completed by credit card only.

    2. Ordering and Purchasing Tickets through the Website is for personal use only.

    3. A Purchase of a Ticket will be executed using a credit card that the User is authorized to use. By purchasing a Ticket, the User warrants that he has the proper authorization to use the credit card used to purchase the Ticket. Whereas the user did not have authorization to use a such credit card, Beauty&tech and/or anyone on its behalf will have the right to receive full indemnification from the User for any and all damages of any kind or nature whatsoever caused to Beauty&tech and/or anyone on its behalf as a result of such unauthorized use.

    4. The User must verify when executing the Purchase that he has submitted accurate and up-to-date details. If during a Purchase the purchaser submits incorrect identification details Beauty&tech  cannot insure the delivery of the Tickets purchased by the User. Providing incorrect identification details is strictly prohibited pursuant to any applicable law and Beauty&tech reserves the right to take any legal action against anyone who intentionally supplied incorrect identification details.

    5. After verifying the details entered by the User as well as the credit card details and expiration date delivered by the purchaser and after receiving approval from the credit card company to execute the transaction, a Purchase confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided by the User during the purchase process within 3 (three) business days of the Purchase date. A Purchase order not confirmed by confirmation email as specified herein will not bind Beauty&tech and the User must contact the Call Center in such event.

    6. The right of a User who Purchased a Ticket is to watch the relevant Event for which the Ticket was purchased and is subject to These Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale as well as the terms and conditions specified on the Ticket as well as those specified at the entrance to the venue site, including terms regarding objects and/or equipment that may not be entered to the Events venue (including firearms, cold weapons of any kind whatsoever, bottles, helmets, and cans of any kind, foam containers, metal chains, mats, chairs, go-pro cameras, professional cameras, and video cameras). The User will have no claim against Beauty&tech for being unaware of all the terms and conditions specified herein and/or on the Ticket and/or at the entrance to the venue site and he must inquire about them prior to the Event.

  3. Pricing and commissions

    1. The Ticket price presented on the Website includes a handling commission for each Ticket.

    2. In addition, if the User chooses to receive the Ticket by email delivery, charges will be added, according to the delivery option chosen by the User and the delivery price presented on the Event page or on the payment page on the Website.

    3. Beauty&tech reserves the full right to have Tickets sales campaigns for Events of any kind whatsoever and the User hereby declares that he is aware that the price of the Ticket that he Purchases may be higher and/or may contain different rights than a ticket Purchased by the target audience purchasing Tickets under the framework of a such sales campaign. If a "points" or "stars" sales campaign is held in connection with any credit card company when the Ticket is Purchased, such information will be delivered to the User upon performing the Purchase, however, it is clarified that the billing regarding such points and/or stars will be settled between the User and his credit card company and Beauty&tech will have no part in this and will not be liable for any over-billing in connection with such points and/or stars.

  4. Cancellation of a Purchase by the User

    1. The User may cancel a Purchase by providing Beauty&tech with a written notice within 14 (fourteen) days of the transaction date to the address, provided, however, that such cancellation will be made no later than 7 (seven) business days, prior to the Event date for which such transaction was executed. It is clarified, for the removal of doubt, that a Purchase may not be canceled and/or refunded for a Ticket for an Event held less than 7 (seven) business days after the cancellation date.

    2. Whereas a Purchase was canceled pursuant to the provisions of Section 4.1 above, the User will be entitled to a refund in the amount actually paid by the User, after deduction of cancellation fees for each Ticket in the amount of the lower of 5% of the Ticket Purchase price or 100 NIS, for each Ticket returned, unimpaired and good condition, to Beauty&tech address at the address specified in Section 4.1 above, and pursuant to the amount actually paid by the User for the Ticket itself (without ancillary expenses such as handling and delivery fees). The refund will be executed within 14 (fourteen) days of the Ticket receipt date by Beauty&tech at the address specified in the section herein above.

    3. If the User Purchased a Ticket for an Event that was canceled for any reason whatsoever, the User will be entitled to a refund for a Ticket that was returned to Beauty&tech, unimpaired and in good condition, at the address specified in section 4.1 herein above, and for the amount actually paid by the User for the Ticket itself (without ancillary expenses such as handling and delivery fees).

    4. Without derogating from the above, any cancellation of Purchase will be subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741 - 1981 (hereinafter: the "Consumer Protection Law"), including regarding products for which no cancellation of Purchase applies.

  5. Cancellation of Purchase by Beauty&tech.
    Beauty&tech  may cancel a Purchase, in whole or in part, without the User being entitled to any refund, or to prevent such cancellation, without the User having any claim and/or demand and/or action against Beauty&tech: (1) if the User violated the Terms of Use and Sale, including if the Purchase was unlawfully executed by the User and/or if any unlawful activity was executed in connection with the Purchase and/or any third party and/or the User and/or any third party intends to commit unlawful activity during the purchase process and/or (2) if an error occurred while the User was printing the Ticket or if an error occurred in the process of the Users providing data during the Purchase.

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